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Date: June 27, 2013

Dear Customer,

Each year the Milford Water Company prepares and distributes its Annual Water Quality Report to all customers. This year we are pleased to continue with our long-standing tradition, instituted by our company decades before it became mandatory. Our Report provides an update on important matters impacting our company, our pledge to continue to provide the best quality water and service we can, a description of where our water comes from and other important water quality and health related issues. The 2013 Water Quality Report is based upon hundreds of water samples collected and tested in 2012. Our company maintains extensive lab report data this is too voluminous to print in our Quality Report. If you would like to see additional water sample results, we invite you to visit our office.

Copies of our 2013 Report have been mailed to every customer and the Report is also available at the Milford Town Hall, Milford Town Library and the Milford Post Office. It is also available here on our company web page (

Please take the time to read this year’s Report and contact the company at (508) 473-5110 if you have any questions.

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