Public Files Archive

Public Files Archive
MWC Irrigation Notice0.5 MiB3288
MWC Stage II - Conservation Level0.3 MiB2536
Water-values0.3 MiB2152
Milford Master Plan9.6 MiB1944
Application For Service18 KiB1752
2011 CCR Report0.2 MiB1645
Rates0.1 MiB1325
Rules0.1 MiB1282
Letter to our customers 11-26-1290 KiB1258
Order for Notice and Scheduled of Hearing on Settlement0.2 MiB1117
DPU 12-86 Compliance Filing Approved 12 17 20132.1 MiB1108
Epa Cross-connection Control Manual1.4 MiB1087
Mwc Presentation Site Plan4.3 MiB1056
Lead Copper Results March 110.4 MiB1020
2012 Water Quality Report0.7 MiB938
Massdep Cross-connection Regs 310 Cmr 22 2272 KiB921
2013 Street Flushing Schedule 05-170.2 MiB919
Letter to our customers 11-26-1278 KiB911
Corrosion Notice 20110.2 MiB895
Estimated Timeline For New Treatment Plant81 KiB893
Corrective Action Plan PN TT 201395 KiB885
Milford Lead And Copper 2013 - A75 KiB865
2014 Water Quality Report1.2 MiB862
2010 Ccr Report0.3 MiB858
Irrigation0.5 MiB844
Rules 2092 KiB814
Echo Lake Levels 1995-201542 KiB804
DPU Filing2.0 MiB789
Echo Lake Spreadsheet41 KiB780
Letter to our customers 11-26-1275 KiB776
En español45 KiB775
2013 Commercial Cross Connection0.5 MiB766
Milford Water 10.5 MiB754
2nd 2015 QTR Fe Mg TOC VOC IOC Dilla0.2 MiB745
2013 Residential Cross Connection0.5 MiB719
MWC-Turbidity PN Final Rev10.3 MiB718
Em Porteguese45 KiB690
2013 Water Quality Report0.2 MiB688
Improving Environment Policy Oct 18 20110.3 MiB646
2015 Water Quality Report0.9 MiB595
Letter BOS 2013 Football Field64 KiB579
Echo Lake Levels 1995-2014 PLUS % Capacity55 KiB563
Godfrey VOC July 20150.2 MiB532
Final Bill Fee86 KiB524
Updated Flushing Schedule 5-19-140.2 MiB476
Updated Flushing Schedule 5-21-20140.2 MiB475
Updated Flushing Schedule 5-20-20140.2 MiB452
MWC Press Release May 5 20150.2 MiB440
Rates 18B96 KiB436
MWC 2015 Award MassDEP0.3 MiB416
Thank You Hydrants 201594 KiB378
Open House 20130.1 MiB367
Milford 2015 CCR Report Portuguese1.9 MiB365
MACC Celebrate Milford0.2 MiB333
Milford 2015 CCR Report Spanish1.9 MiB319
MWC Fact Sheet On Lead 201672 KiB297
MWC 2015 Recognition Award65 KiB295
Water Sampling Letter53 KiB262
Total Trihalomethanes Reports
Gac Sandwich Approach1.3 MiB1783
Dilla St 011120120.3 MiB1455
July 2011 Milford Tthm Q And A0.1 MiB1234
4th Qtr Thm0.3 MiB1101
Results for 1st Quarter 20120.3 MiB1051
W1228-27 Toc Alk Thm 122820110.2 MiB1049
Near 1 Countryside0.3 MiB1042
1st Qtr 2011 tthm1.1 MiB958
Thm Results0.3 MiB958
Near 266 Purchase St0.3 MiB942
Pn Milford Tthm Mcl Violation Q3 20110.4 MiB937
W0825-24 Aug Special System Thm 20110.3 MiB934
W1221-13 Ss Thm Toc Alk Various Locations Dilla St 122120110.3 MiB910
Final - Compliance Letter - Jan 20120.1 MiB878
Final - Compliance Letter - Portuguese - Jan 201264 KiB861
Milford School Tthm Results 201281 KiB859
4th Qtr 2010 tthm1.2 MiB829
Dilla St Plant Results0.2 MiB823
Mwc Toc Aug 19 2011 All49 KiB819
Pn Cover Letter 10-18-110.1 MiB816
8-25-11 Final Early Notice Letter68 KiB813
Question and Answer Guide to TTHM – Updated August 20110.1 MiB806
Milford Dbpr3 Map0.5 MiB797
Update As Of 10-13-201136 KiB784
MWC 3rd Quarter 2013 TTHM HAA5 Results0.3 MiB784
Final - Compliance Letter - Spanish - Jan 201264 KiB763
Update 10-26-201130 KiB746
2012 THMs last three Quarters17 KiB740
HAA5 2012 last three quarters17 KiB739
1st Quarter 2013 TTHM & Haa5 Results26 KiB691
TTHM Update Letter - April 201266 KiB673
8-25-11 Final Early Notice Letter168 KiB653
Milford HAA5 LRAA 2nd Qtr 201418 KiB580
TTHM Update Letter - April 2012 Spanish67 KiB572
Locational Running Annual Average 1st Qtr 201422 KiB557
2nd Quarter 2013 TTHM results27 KiB543
TTHM Update Letter - April 2012 Portuguese68 KiB521
Milford TTHM LRAA 2nd Qtr 201422 KiB502
2nd QTR 2015 TTHM Haa50.2 MiB491