What is that green staining on and in some of plumbing fixtures?

Recently the Company had been getting calls from our customers reporting “green staining” on and in some of their plumbing fixtures. We began to check our pH levels in these areas and grabbed water samples to run mineral screens to check for various minerals that may be contributing to this issue. Green staining is usually a result of copper plumbing systems reacting with water that has a pH lower than 7.0. After checking the pH in several locations including the locations that mineral screens were taken the Company found no indications of abnormal levels. At that point we began to look at our treatment process to ensure that all of our equipment was functioning properly and it was then that we realized that one our chemical feed systems had malfunctioned causing a reduction in corrosion chemical being injected into the water system. We have fixed the problem and are now back to 100% capacity with our chemical addition. What this means is that some customers may experience some “green staining” on or in some of their plumbing fixtures for the next week or two. The Company wishes to apologize for this inconvenience and assure all of our customers that we are working diligently to correct this problem.

Posted in: Water Quality