Wanted: Water



Echo Lake Reservoir is still dropping and “Mother Nature” isn’t cooperating.

To our valued customers – both residential and commercial, Milford Water needs your help in conserving water. Help us put a stop to unnecessary water use and help us to conserve our most valuable water source.

Milford Water needs your help!! The company has made attempts to purchase additional water from its neighboring communities but like Milford they have no extra water available. Without your help we will be forced to ask our large commercial users to reduce their usage which could have impacts on their businesses.

Milford Water Department would like to thank all of its customers that have done their part in conserving and abiding by the water restriction policies imposed, but we know that there are still some out there not doing their part. The company asks that you call and report any violators. All calls are anonymous and no names are needed, just an address.

Water Abuser Tip Line:

Thank you.