Conservation Status

Water Conservation Information

The status of our water resource is constantly monitored and any change will be reported here.

The current official Conservation Plan Stage as of 4/1/2024 is a Stage I. Water is a precious commodity and should always be used wisely. See our conservation page for some useful tips. First Violation is a verbal or written warning. Second violation is termination of water service to the residence or business.  

Water Conservation Plan Stages
Normal No Mandatory Restrictions, but we ask for VOLUNTARY LIMITED WATER USE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 9am – 5pm.
Stage I – Drought Advisory Voluntary restrictions on use of outside water to alternate days. Customer are asked to water lawns and gardens, wash vehicles and fill swimming pools on alternate days (or less frequently) before 7:00 AM or after 7:00 PM. If the house or business has an even street number, watering is allowed on even numbered days of the month. If the house or business has an odd street number, water is allowed only on the odd numbered days of the month.
Stage II – Drought Watch Voluntary restrictions from Stage I are now mandatory. ALL OUTSIDE WATER USAGE INCLUDING IRRIGATION WATER IS LIMITED TO BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 7PM AND 7AM on an ODD / EVEN basis. This means that all outside water use is based on your house number, odd number houses may use water on odd calendar days and even number houses may use water on even calendar number days after 7pm and before 7am.
Stage III – Drought Warning Mandatory restriction of use of all outside water. Customers are prohibited from using lawn sprinklers, irrigation systems, soakers and unattended hoses. Outside water usage is restricted to use of hand held hose only for no more than one hour per day before 7:00 AM or after 7:00 PM. Washing of walkways, driveways, motor vehicles and filling of pools is also forbidden. Restrictions are mandatory and subject to termination of water service.
Stage IV – Drought Emergency Mandatory ban of all outside water use.