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The Milford Water Company will be continuing its annual hydrant flushing program in the Town of Milford starting on Sunday, April 7, 2019. Flushing is scheduled at NIGHT between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and will continue throughout the month of April/May/June until the entire system has been completed. Hydrant flushing is conducted to remove any accumulated sediment from the water pipes that may impair water quality. The program also provides the opportunity to inspect hydrants to ensure they will operate properly in the event of a fire. During the flushing program you may notice a temporary loss in water pressure and water discoloration. Please run the water first before using for laundry. If you have any questions regarding areas being flushed or problems caused by the flushing program, please contact our office at (508) 473-5110 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m..

Streets will be crossed off as they are completed. This list will give you a general idea of the area being flushed. Not all streets are listed.

Updated as of 6:00 a.m. 4/19/2019
  1. Cedar Street (Dilla Street to Hopkinton)
  2. Deer Street
  3. Walden Woods
  4. Fortune Blvd (Cedar Street to East Main Street)
  5. East Main Street Plaza
  6. East Main Street (Fortune Blvd to Holliston)
  7. Zain Circle
  8. Whispering Pine Drive
  9. Wildwood Drive
  10. Dogwood Lane
  11. Beaver Street
  12. Medway Road (Beaver Street to Medway)
  13. Trettel Drive
  14. Victor Drive
  15. Meadowview Lane
  16. James Street
  17. Janock Road
  18. Mary Road
  19. Carp Road
  20. Virginia Drive
  21. Bodio Circle
  22. Eugene Circle
  23. Attilio Circle
  24. Medway Road (Beaver Street to Birch Street)
  25. Kohl’s Plaza
  26. Bay Road
  27. Turin Street
  28. Naples Court
  29. Broad Street
  30. Birch Street (Medway Road to Maple Street)
  31. Stallbrook Road
  32. Lombardi Circle
  33. Waterfall Lane
  34. Industrial Road
  35. Commercial Way
  36. Beaver Street (Medway Road to Maple Street)
  37. Maple Street
  38. Technology Drive
  39. Jencks Road
  40. Mason Drive
  41. Dilla Street (Pumping Station to Sumner Street)
  42. Quinshipaug Road
  43. Sumner Street (Benjamin Moore to Dilla Street)
  44. Birmingham Court
  45. Sumner Street (Benjamin Moore to Mechanic Street)
  46. Julian Circle
  47. Purchase Street (Julian Circle to Fountain Street)
  48. Vicki Lane
  49. Sabatinelli Road
  50. Ariel Circle
  51. Purchase Street (Julian Circle to Pearl Street)
  52. Pearl Street
  53. Sumner Street (Mechanic Street to Main Street)
  54. Mechanic Street
  55. Winter Street
  56. School Street
  57. Main Street (Sumner Street to Jefferson Street)
  58. Spruce Street (Main Street to School Street)
  59. Exchange Street                            
  60. Fayette Street                                        
  61. Pine Street                                            
  62. Spruce Street
  63. Stacey and Memorial cut through
  64. Walnut Street
  65. Congress Street (West Street to Fountain Street)
  66. Grant Street
  67. Grant Street Ext.                                   
  68. Metcalf Avenue                                      
  69. Emmons Street                                     
  70. Park Lane Avenue
  71. Rosenfeld Avenue
  72. Fountain Street
  73. Divittorio Drive
  74. Calvin Drive
  75. Lantern Lane @ #10
  76. Coolidge Road
  77. Purchase Street (Dilla Street to Harris Avenue)
  78. Overlook Avenue
  79. Muriel Lane @ Lynn Road
  80. Larson Road
  81. Lantern Lane
  82. Clearview Drive
  83. Treeland Drive
  84. Temple Street
  85. Penny Lane
  86. Whip-O-Will Lane (Penny Lane to Ivy Lane)
  87. Ivy Lane
  88. Purchase St(Harris Ave to Ivy Ln)
  89. Dana Circle
  90. Lydia Lane
  91. Shadowbrook Lane
  92. Kennedy Lane
  93. Whip-O-Will Lane
  94. Princess Pine Lane
  95. Oriole Drive
  96. Hemlock Drive
  97. Willow Road
  98. Sunnyside Drive
  99. Brookfield Road
  100. Robin Road
  101. Silverhill Road (Princess Pine Lane to Village Circle)
  102. Silverhill Road (Princess Pine Lane to Clarridge Circle)
  103. Clarridge Circle
  104. Lucia Drive
  105. Purchase Street (Lucia Drive to Dynasty Circle)
  106. Dynasty Circle
  107. Celestial Rd
  108. Governors Way
  109. Purchase Street (Dynasty Circle to Purchase Street Interconnect)
  110. Eben Street
  111. Cormier Circle



The Milford Water Company recently went out to bid for two projects.

Click here for the results as bid for the various line items for the Exchange St, Myrtle St, Poplar St water main extension Icon of Exchange Myrtle Poplar St Water Main Bid Canvass Exchange Myrtle Poplar St Water Main Bid Canvass (0.1 MiB)

Click here for the results as bid for the various line items for the Highland St Tank Rehabilitation Icon of Higland St Tank Rehab Bid Canvass Higland St Tank Rehab Bid Canvass (24 KiB)


It is that time again to think about winterizing all outside faucets, hoses, or irrigation systems and to make sure that any unprotected or exposed pipes are properly insulated.


Please see the attached DPU Order of Notice for the Petition of Milford Water Company for authorization and approval to enter into a $7,000,000 non-revolving Line of Credit pursuant to G.L. c. 164, §§ 14 and 16 and G.L. c. 165, § 2.  Icon of D P U  18-75 - Order Of Notice D P U 18-75 - Order Of Notice (53 KiB)




Effective October 1st 2018

Milford Water Company is currently on a STAGE I Water CONSERVATION Level.

What does this mean to you as a customer?

ALL OUTSIDE WATER USAGE INCLUDING IRRIGATION WATER IS ON A VOLUNTARY ODD – EVEN ALLOCATION PROGRAM BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 7PM AND 7AM. This means that all outside water use is based on your house number, odd numbers may use water on odd calendar days and even numbers may use water on even number days after 7pm and before 7am.


The Milford Water Company at this time would like to thank all of its customers for their cooperation in this matter and hope that by CONSERVING now we will not need to increase our water restriction going forward.



Level of Echo Lake Icon of Echo Lake Levels 1995-2018 PLUS Percent Capacity Echo Lake Levels 1995-2018 PLUS Percent Capacity (67 KiB)

Rainfall Totals Icon of Rainfall Rainfall (48 KiB)

Irrigation Policy Icon of MWC Irrigation Notice MWC Irrigation Notice (0.5 MiB)

MassDEP – brochure on The Value of Public Drinking Water Icon of Water-values Water-values (0.3 MiB)


MWWA Press Release regarding the Environmental Defense Fund lead disclosure Icon of MWWA Press Release Lead Disclosure Final 3-14-17 MWWA Press Release Lead Disclosure Final 3-14-17 (83 KiB)

Environmental Defense Fund – Lead Disclosure Icon of EDF Lead Disclosure EDF Lead Disclosure (89 KiB)

Notice of filing and public hearing  Icon of Notice of Filing and Public Hearing - Service Connections Notice of Filing and Public Hearing - Service Connections (0.1 MiB)

Department of Public Utilities joint motion for approval Icon of 16-192 Joint Motion For Approval Of Offer Of Settlement (12-6-16) 16-192 Joint Motion For Approval Of Offer Of Settlement (12-6-16) (0.6 MiB)

List of Non-conforming service connections to be renewed  Icon of Lead Service Replacement List Lead Service Replacement List (0.2 MiB)

These pictures were taken at Echo Lake in September 2016.

img_1352 img_1351 img_1350 img_1349 img_1348 img_1347 img_1346 img_1345

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