Hydrant flushing will be starting on Sunday April 26, 2015. Flushing is scheduled at NIGHT between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and will continue throughout the month of April/May until the entire system has been completed. Hydrant flushing is conducted to remove any accumulated sediment from the water pipes that may impair water quality. The program also provides the opportunity to inspect hydrants to ensure they will operate properly in the event of a fire.  During the flushing program you may notice a temporary loss in water pressure and water discoloration. Please run the water first before using for laundry. If you have any questions regarding areas being flushed or problems caused by the flushing program, please contact our office on Dilla Street at (508) 473-5110 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

MAY 21, 2015

Zone #1aCedar St (Dilla St to Hopkinton),Fortune Blvd (Cedar St to East Main St),East Main St (Fortune Blvd To Holliston),Whispering Pine Drive, Wildwood Dr., Beaver St, Medway Rd (Beaver St to Medway),Trettle Dr., Victor Dr.,Meadowview Dr.,James St, Janock Rd, Carp Road, Virginia Dr., Bodio Circle, Attilio Cir.

Zone #1bCedar St (Dilla St to Hamilton St), Hamilton St (Naples St to East Main St), East Main St (Fortune Blvd to Hamilton St), Praire St, Sulmone St, East Charles St, Cedar St (Ravena St East Main St), Ravenna St, North St, Free St, East Main St (Hamilton St to Cedar St), South Free St, Middleton St, Dominic St, Columbus Ave, Meade St, Como Ct Housing Authority.

Zone #2aMedway Rd (Beaver St to Birch St), Bay Road, Naples St, Broad St, Birch St (Medway Rd to Maple St), Stall Brook Rd, Waterfall lane, Industrial Rd, Beaver St (Medway Rd to Maple St), Maple St, Technology Dr. , Jencks Rd, Mason Dr.

Zone #2bEast Main St (Cook St to Beach St), Hayward St (East Main St to Mt.Pleasant St), Mancuso St, Carroll St, Lena lane, Fairview Ave, South terrace, East Walnut St, Manella St, Mt. Pleasant St, Alden, Woodland St, Woodland Ave, Jen Paul, Rogers St, Skyview Dr, Joe’s Way, Silva St.

Zone #3a - Dilla St (Pumping Station to Sumner St), Quinshipaug Circle, Sumner St (Benjamin Moore to Mechanic St), Julian Circle, Purchase St (Julian Circle to Fountain St), Ariel Circle, Purchase St (Julian Circle to Main St), Pearl St, Winter St, School St, Main St (Sumner St to Jefferson St).

 Zone #3bBear Hill Rd, South Central St (Bear hill Rd to Casey Dr), Christina Rd, Casey Dr, Huff Rd, Mike Circle, Roland Way, Central St (S.Central to Mt. Pleasant St), Alden St, Frank Dr, East St Ext., Beach St, Beach St Ext., Archer Ave, Central St (Archer St to N.Bow St), Front St, Pond St, North Bow St ( Main St to Central St),Court St, Spring St, Jefferson St, Depot St (Central St to S. Main St), Charles St, Forest St, Myrtle St, Claflin St, South Bow St, Whitney St, Grove St, Franklin St, Chestnut St, Pheasant St, Fruit St Ext. (Depot St to S.Main st), South Main St (Depot St to S.Main St), St John St, National St, South Main St (Depot St to Courtland St), Courtland St, Diana Circle, Sousa Circle, Howard St, Evans Circle.

Zone #4aExchange St, Fayette St, Pine St, Spruce St, Walnut St, Grant St, Grant St Ext., Metcalf Ave, Emmons St, Park Lane Ave, Rosenfeld Ave, Fountain St, Divittorio Dr., Calvin Dr., Lantern Lane @ house #10, Coolidge Road, Purchase St (Dilla St to Harris Ave), Overlook Ave, Muriel Lane @ Lynn Rd, Larson Rd, Lantern Lane, Clearview Dr., Treeland Dr., Temple St, Sunset Dr., Penny Lane, Whip O Will Lane, Ivy Lane, Purchase St (Harris Ave to Ivy Lane), Dana Circle, Shadowbrook Lane, Kennedy Lane.

Zone #4bMain St (South Main to Route 140), Chapin St, Fruit St,Leonard St, Green St, Vine St, Nolan St, Orange St, Elm St (Route 140 to Green St), Water St ( Main St to Route 140), Thayer st, Oliver St, Mystic Lane, Prospect Hts, Route 140 (Water St to Hospital), Congress St, Bancroft Ave, West St (Congress St to Memory Lane), South High St, Quinlan St, Lee St, Lawrence St.

Zone #5aWhip O Will Lane , Stoney Brook Lane, Oriole Dr, Princess Pine (Hyd @ Oriole Dr), sunset dr (Hyd @ Hemlock Dr), Hemlock Dr, Princess Pine (Hyd@Sunny Side), Brookfield Rd, Sunset Lane (Hyd@Robin), Robin Road, Silver Hill Rd (Hyd@#38), Silver Hill Rd (Hyd@#48), Silver Hill Rd (Princess Pine To Clarridge), Clarridge Circle, Lucia Drive, Purchase St (Lucia Dr to Dynasty Cir), Dynasty Circle, Governors Way, Purchase St (Dynasty to Eben), Eben St, Cormier circle, Morey way.

Zone #5b Union St, Luby Ave, Westerly Court, West Pine St, Parker Hill Rd, West Spruce St, High St, Pleasant St, West Walnut St, Varney St, West Brook St, Richmond Ave, Congress Terrace, Caroline Dr, Kellett Drive, Walker Ave, Hale Ave, Walker Ave, Blanchard Rd, Mitchell rd.

ZONE #6 – Nancy Rd, Jillson Circle, Sunset Dr, Joseph Rd, Claudette Dr, Stoney Brook Lane, East View Dr, Sidney Rd, Alfred Rd, Mark Dr, Silver Hill Road.

ZONE #7 – Godfrey Lane, West Fountain St, Rose Lane, Allen Rd, Elizabeth Rd, Dewey Circle, Agnes Rd, Covino Rd, Muriel Lane, Princeton Dr, Cornell Dr, Trinity Dr, Yale Dr, Paula Rd, Jionzo Rd, Colonial Rd, Capitol Rd, Cypress Rd, Senate Rd, Redwood Dr, Regal Rd, Salvia Rd, North Vine St, Annie J Circle, Highland St, Debbie Lane, Wayne Rd, Woodridge Rd.

ZONE #8 – Highland St, University Dr, Bowdoin Dr, Radcliff Dr, Simmons Dr, Vassar Dr, Columbia Dr, Dartmouth Dr, Colby Dr, Purdue Dr, Havard Dr, Rosebud Ln, Nicholas Rd, Y St, Taft St, Madison St, Harding St, Hancock St, Glennon Dr, Theresa Dr, Madden Ave, Richard St, Iadarola Ave, Freedom St, Balian Way, Laural St, Reagan Rd, Deluca Rd, Cunniff Ave, Western Ave, Tomaso Rd, Asylum St.

 ZONE #9 – Highland St, Littlefield Rd, Field Pond Rd, Ramble Rd, Wyeth Circle, Till Rock Ln, Whittier Rd, Whitewood Rd, Rebecca Way, Karen Ln, Mill Pond Rd, Leah Lane, Quirk Circle.


NOTE: These are the general streets locations where we will be flushing during the program. The schedule may change dependent on the progress made each night. The Company does not flush every hydrant in the system but utilizes those hydrants that can flow the most amount of water providing the best results needed to remove any sediment that has built up. We will update the list on a regular basis highlighting those streets that have been completed in green.




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